Management Rewired, Softcover

The incredible discoveries of brain science challenge our common sense, but they also teach us a much better way to manage...

Scientists are now able to watch the brain at work, and what they’re learning is transforming our understanding of why people behave the way they do. When applied to business, the latest discoveries fundamentally change how we think about management. The findings from brain scans, cognitive experiments, and behavioral studies have dramatic and counterintuitive implications for all aspects of business, from strategy to sales to leadership. Charles Jacobs shows why our current management practices are so often self-defeating and demonstrates new, more effective approaches that leverage how the mind actually works.

“Might soften the touch—and boost the effectiveness—
of many a corporate drill sergeant.”

—Business Week

“Armed with some startling scientific data . . . persuasive.”

—Los Angeles Times

“A lively and often likably eccentric book that does a solid job
of surveying some sensible management practices.”

—Harvard Business Review

“Well argued and substantiated, this book turns prevalent management
theory on its head and will have lasting impact on how it is taught in
business schools and implemented in organizations.”

—Publishers Weekly

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