Management Rewired, Softcover

Praise for Management Rewired

“It is a must-read for managers and aspiring managers.”


“. . . the book raises fascinating and important questions. Managers should take them seriously. A significant challenge has been thrown down.”

—Financial Times

“Well argued and substantiated, this book turns prevalent management theory on its head and will have lasting impact on how it is taught in business schools and implemented in organizations.”

—Publishers Weekly (Starred review)

“This is a lively and often likably eccentric book that does a solid job of surveying some sensible management practices.”

—Harvard Business Review

“Reading this book will boost the effectiveness of many a corporate drill sergeant . . . [Jacobs] persuasively argues . . . that criticism, praise, rewards, and punishment are a waste of a manager’s time.”


“Illuminating, thanks to the author’s fluent style and wide learning.”

—Fortune Small Business

“This is a must-read for anyone who leads people. Management Rewired saves potential leaders many years of trial and error and illustrates how to truly motivate individuals by showing leaders how people actually perceive and respond to their actions. Jacobs does and excellent job of taking complex science and presenting the material in an interesting and intriguing manner.”

—Sacramento Book Review

“Much as Gary Hamel’s The Future of Management showed the need for new business models, Jacobs shows leaders what actually works when dealing with other people . . . a welcome addition to the field and should be read by anyone working in or with organizations.”

—Harold Jarche, "Learning & Working on the Web"

“Jacobs offers intriguing suggestions to change the way we look at business—and life.”

—The Charlotte Observer

“It will take managers some time to meld worker mindset and Taylor’s process-driven approach. It’s time well spent.”

—Jim Pawlak, "BizBooks"

Management Rewired demonstrates that science does have a role in developing effective management strategy. By understanding how the brain works, managers can better motivate their employees, make the workplace more enjoyable and improve business performance.”

—Risk Management


—Third Sector

“Essential spring book for IT leaders.”


“Jacobs vividly demonstrates how respect for the brain and how it works can help us all get more, and share more, of what we want, in our professional and personal lives . . . Interdisciplinary, insightful and illuminating—like the brain itself, as we are coming to know it.”

—F. Stewart Debruicker, Ph.D., former professor of marketing, Harvard Business School and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

“Combining current neuroscience with his own business experience, Jacobs shows that understanding how the brain works leads to sometimes surprising reappraisals of the best way to manage people and situations. I would recommend this book to any decision maker who wishes to learn how cognitive neuroscience is changing the way we think about how humans work.”

—RICK LIVESEY, M.D., Ph.D., senior lecturer in neurobiology, University of Cambridge

“A clear and insightful book that charts a new and counterintuitive route for leadership. Management Rewired puts forth a set of compelling theories that will help leaders leverage the collective intellectual potential and emotional energy of their organizations and create results.”

—Vincent Roche, EVP global sales and marketing, Analog Devices Inc.

“This book is a thought-provoking read for anyone interested in the productive intersection of business and science.”

—Dr. Keith L. Ligon, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of pathology, Harvard Medical School