Management Rewired, Softcover


The latest lessons of brain science are transforming the way we think about ourselves and the world we live in. We are learning that our minds don’t record our experience of the world as much as they create it, that we make our decisions not with logic but with emotion, and that ideas have the power to change the world.

In this world turned inside out, our actions all too often produce the opposite of what we intend. When it comes to management, our commonly accepted practices are disappointing and costly. The feedback we give employees makes performance worse, rewards diminish motivation, and objectives cause us to lose sight of the long term.

But the recent scientific discoveries also teach us how to be more effective. We learn how to be better at managing people, how to inspire rather than demotivate, and how to improve the performance of our businesses. And we learn how to lead more fulfilling lives, both on the job and off.

Using the findings of brain scans, cognitive experiments, and behavioral studies, Management Rewired presents our new understanding of how the mind works. For each area of management from strategy to leadership, it uses the latest scientific research to show why our conventional approaches fail, and it offers more effective ones in their place.

But this is more than just a book about how to be successful in business. Drawing from history, literature, philosophy and the social sciences, Charles Jacobs takes us on a journey from the first glimmers of conscious thinking in our ancestors to the groundbreaking discoveries of the twenty-first century.

While this is an immensely practical book that will help readers realize more of their mind’s potential and be better at everything they do, it is also an engaging exploration of the faculty that makes us who we are.