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With more than enough dry presentations delivered in the world everyday, nobody should be guilty of adding another. Besides, people learn best when they’re having a good time, so I strive to make my presentations as entertaining as possible.

But a powerful presentation must move beyond just entertainment to offer lessons of enduring value. Not only are the recent discoveries of neuroscience fascinating, they’re also incredibly useful. They teach us how to be more effective not just at business, but at everything we do.

And like any high quality service or product, a presentation should target the specific needs and wants of the customer. All of my presentations are custom tailored to fit the audience. The following are some examples of recent talks:

How Brain Science is Revolutionizing Management

The latest discoveries of brain science challenge our common sense, but they also teach us how to be more effective managers. This presentation surveys our new understanding of the brain and what it means for managers. It demonstrates how so many of the management practices we take for granted produce the opposite of what we intend, and it offers new, far more effective approaches based on hard, scientific data.

Leading Minds

One of the clearest lessons of applying brain science to business is that the right kind of leadership is the key to improving performance. Drawing upon the latest science, extensive research in leadership, and historical examples, this talk teaches managers how to move beyond conventional models of leadership to an approach that leverages the way the mind works. The emphasis is on what people can do tomorrow to enhance both their skills and their business results.

Succeeding When It’s Hardest

Brain science teaches us how to succeed, particularly when times are tough. Although the anxiety brought on by the economic downturn narrows our vision and slows our thinking, we can learn to overcome our negative emotions. In fact, by using what we now know about the brain, we can transform the current crisis into an opportunity and profit from it. When others are paralyzed by fear and keeping their heads down, clear thinking becomes a tremendous competitive advantage.

A Mind for Selling

Scientists now believe that our oversized brains evolved to enable us to influence others to do what we want. We’re genetically hardwired to sell, and brain science teaches us how to make the most of our innate capability. The latest research into the “selling brain” teaches us how to understand the minds of our prospects, and our own, so that we’re able to create and implement the most effective selling strategies.

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