Management Rewired, Softcover


Because I don”t write enough already, what with the blog on my site that both my mother and I read and the one for Psychology Today that random surfers dip into when tired of reading about Tiger Woods’ rehab, the good folks at 180 Partners have urged me to produce this eNewsletter.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking that the last thing the world needs is more words spun around content of little value. Nor do I expect that you’re interested in the latest clients we’ve signed or how we’ve celebrated April Fools day. But the purpose of this monthly missive is different.

I’ve convinced a book publisher and a number of editors of respectable publications that there’s something more in the latest research coming out of neuroscience than an explanation of why we eat more ice cream in crowds and the discovery of a mirror neuron specialized to fire at the mention of Jennifer Aniston. In fact, what we’re learning is profoundly revolutionary.

Put simply, the world exists in our heads. It’s not a faithful record of our experience, but a mental creation influenced by our memories, our feelings, and our desires. The mind isn’t a video camera; it’s a storyteller and there’s nothing reasonable about the tales it spins.

This isn’t cause for breaking out the crystals or channeling spirits, but it does have profound implications for how we operate in the world. With all of us living our own unique versions of reality, conflicts are inevitable. What we’ve taken for granted as the best way to interact with others has a distressing tendency to produce the opposite of what we intend.

If we take this fundamental lesson of brain science to heart, we’re forced to reconsider virtually everything we do. When it comes to business, the conventional wisdom is upended. We recognize that most of our management practices are counterproductive and that more effective approaches are often counterintuitive.

So the purpose of this monthly eNewsletter is to reflect on the astounding discoveries of science and their practical application to our day-to-day lives. Each entry will move from a fantastic world resembling an experiment in quantum mechanics or the enlightened states of Eastern philosophy, to the more pedestrian one of overbearing bosses and recalcitrant employees.

Should there be news of note at 180 Partners—virgin births, Nobel prizes, and the like—we’ll mention them only after we’ve treated you to food for thought, sort of like the petit four that comes with the check after a gourmet meal. If all of this flowery rhetoric has convinced you to receive our eNewsletter, go ahead and...